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    Hello all im pretty new to bb, i had the storm before and used it for 2weeks but wasn't satisfied, so i switched over to the tour and i love it! the only problem i have now is before on my storm when i connected to my macbook pro i would have 2 drives mount up Blackberry1 (the phone itself) and blackberry2 ( the micro sd-card). On the first day i plugged my tour in it showed both, then something happened and it wouldn't unmount blackberry1 so i did force eject. After that it never poped back up :-(. i restarted my laptop, i checked in disk utilities, i went to parallels (in window mode) to see if both would pop up, but only Blackberry2 showed up, wiped the tour popped the memory card out saved a file to the phone and plugged it back in, checked settings in Options>Memory to make sure it was on the right settings (On,On,On, Yes) even tried (On,On,On, Prompt) and still noting.. It's not really a big problem but it is very annoying.... Has anyone had this problems and figured out the problem??
    10-08-09 08:30 AM