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    I picked up a new skin for my berry from XO Skins | Screen Protector, Scratch, Shields, Armor, Guards after finding a coupon for $2 off. XOSfacebookfan is the code. The skin was as easy to install as any other skin I have installed and so far it looks very clear. Still a little bit of haze, but that should be gone after a few hours. Ill post up some pics after its dry.
    It came in a kind of snake skin textured box with a spray bottle, squeegee, and instructions. I didn't need those since I have installed these kind of skins before, but they were very detailed and had pics as well.
    05-21-10 10:24 AM
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    I got one for my camera and found a better code for 30% off. sprintxo is the code. Also if you haven't seen the video on their homepage, it's impressive.

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    02-16-12 11:37 PM