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    I recently purchased a battery to replace the one that can no longer hold a decent charge for my Storm 9530 that I've had for about 18 months. I mean, it was pretty bad. I couldn't talk on the phone or use the web browser for more than 5 minutes before the phone rebooted and flashed a low battery warning.

    Before I got the new battery, I tried to shop around online and saw that there were a lot of really cheap ones that were supposedly OEM for less than $10 with shipping while the "official" one from Verizon store was $39.99 plus tax. While the cheap ones seemed like a good deal, I was turned off by the fact that there were a lot of user reviews that said that the batteries they received weren't actually OEM and were probably cheap Chinese knock-offs and actually said that they were "Made in China" on the battery label. A lot of them said that the batteries were obviously used and they didn't have the good quality Japanese cells that the real ones have that are actually made in Japan.

    In the end, I just dropped the $40+ on a new battery from Verizon. But then, I noticed something strange. When I went to replace my battery, I found that the original battery, the one that came in the box when I bought my phone, said that it was "Made in China" on the label. The new battery I bought definitely says it was "Made in Japan". So does it really matter where the battery was made? Did I originally get a counterfeit battery when I bought my phone? Even if I did, I guess I shouldn't complain because it lasted over a year and a half.

    I guess I'm just wondering if there's any definitive way to know if any supposedly OEM battery is legit. Should I have dropped the $40 on an "official" battery replacement or should I have taken my chances with the $10 OEM one?
    05-20-10 04:12 PM