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    I am sure many other people are having the same issue as myself. I purchased my Blackberry Premium Headset some time ago, back when my Blackberry Storm 9530 was still running 4.7. They worked amazingly. It was very nice not having to always go back to my device to change music. Now that I have updated to (and other previous 5.0 updates that were leaked) all the buttons except the Play/Pause no longer function.

    I am sure that RIM just missed the programming required to make this accessory work correctly. I am un sure if someone perhaps as written an add-on 3rd party app to correct this issue, if so, please let us know!

    I have also written RIM an email detailing this issue, in hopes this sparks the process to have this resolved on their end, perhaps also sparking another release of OS 5.0.

    If anyone has any good info on this, please reply.
    12-15-09 01:49 AM