1. Stevie's Avatar
    Hey, I just got the VZW Curve 8330 !!! I sent it in to get it custom colored at ColorWare, but I want to have a spiffy case for it when they send it back to me in 3 weeks !!

    Anyways, I think the crocs-o-dial cases look pretty cool. But I noticed that its a universal case for all cell phones, but they do sell it on crackberry.com. I was wondering if anyone knows if the BB Curve 8330 would be secure and snug inside of the case so that if I'm running across the street and the case is on my belt, the Curve doesn't fall onto the pavement. I'm asking because I don't see any type of "snap" that goes over the phone, it just looks like a pocket for the phone. If anyone has any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    05-07-08 10:01 AM