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    Proclip finally finished their holder and it is for sale. It should be shipping out by Sept 10th.

    I have a 2 piece solution for my IPOD and just ordered a second one for my Tour. Panavise makes mounts in the "InDash Custom Dash Mounts" section which utilize existing screws which hold your dash together. Their site has the directions for each mount with pictures to show the process as well as the finished product. Depending on your vehicle it should be a quick process to install. I installed mine in less than 10 minutes. Then mount your dock from Proclip to the dash mount. It is a very clean install and you don't have to use some permanent adhesive on your dash and destroy your dash trying to remove it.
    09-08-09 02:47 PM
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    check out ProClip Mounting System*-*Device Holders and Dashboard Vehicle Mounts. Expensive but really good.

    Actually, just checked them out. They don't have a Tour option yet. But I tried a tour in my curve holder and it worked - albeit not perfectly. Maybe you can contact them and ask when they will have something for the tour.
    ProClip makes by far the best car mounts that I have ever used or seen. They are expensive, but they are built well and look great installed. They are now accepting pre-orders for Tour mounts and will be shipping on 9/10.
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