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    Hey Everyone, I want to buy 1 for my bold but 1st I came to the 1 place I know I can depend on diverse opinions.

    Please post pics of them on your bold and state where You got them from if possible and any pros or cons about the product.
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    08-28-09 12:07 AM
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    Hi There,

    I sell a number of different gel skins and have about 150 + designs for not only the blackberry but about 50 different devices. If you go to my web site domeskins dot com you can fill in your email address and I can email you all of the information. They are very high quality and I have a kiosk in the Burnsville Center in Burnsville MN. I have a secured the national distribution rights and have great prices and quick turn-around. ALso on my site which is still being built, you can see all of the designs that I have for the gel skins. I can also custom design them for you. If you want a picture of your family or pet or whatever, I can make that happen too.
    08-28-09 08:20 AM