1. ayushgupta's Avatar
    Hi everyone!!!
    I have a 9900 and 9220..... I found out that the battery sizes are same.
    The 9220 battery fits perfectly in 9900 but it shows a red cross.
    I was asking that if use the battery mating connector and mate the 9220 battery with 9900 will it work on my 9900 as 9220 battery is 1450mAh and 9900 battery is 1230mAh.
    And if possible will it harm my phone??

    Thanks Everyone in Advance!!! Waiting for some help from the crackberry nation!!
    06-10-12 01:00 AM
  2. ignites's Avatar
    probably NOT a good idea.
    06-16-12 05:41 PM
  3. bbzak's Avatar
    Battery needs to be cloned. I don't know if there is any supporting cloning devices for the same.
    And, as far as I checked, the connecting pin is a tight fit on the 9900 with JS1 battery. Hence, it may cause trouble in the future.

    But, RIM can take a clue from here and make a compatible JS1 battery for the 9900/9930 ASAP.
    06-16-12 08:47 PM
  4. fabio1's Avatar
    Hi There.

    Maybe you can use the cloning device which comes with Gold 2430 or Momax X Battery. the decoder has only two pins and should line up.

    If you clone a JS1 from a JM1, this should work, the problem is can a Blackberry battery be cloned?

    06-24-12 03:47 AM
  5. Chopper110's Avatar
    This is very interesting, I am all up for more power!

    Come-on Chief Geeks, answers please!!
    08-02-12 02:24 AM