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    Hi, I have 2 quick questions about the new BlackBerry 9700 and compatible accessories.

    1 - OEM BlackBerry Car Charger, it seems like BlackBerry sells 2 different Micro-USB car chargers they are these:

    Micro-USB 12V Automotive Charger $29.99
    BlackBerry Accessories Store - Product Detail

    Micro-USB 12/24V Automotive Charger $39.99
    BlackBerry Accessories Store - Product Detail

    What does the 2nd one with 24V capabilities do that the first one can't it says they are both are compatible with the 9700 but which one is better? Also does anyone know the product numbers on these, I see some sites sell only one OEM Car Charger but I can't tell which one because the BlackBerry site doesn't list the product numbers.

    2 - Leather Pocket
    BlackBerry Accessories Store - Product Detail

    This was the one for the Curve 8900, however it looks like they just added the Bold 9700 to the list of compatible products, how does it fit? was wondering because I would assume there is a groove for the trackball on the 8900, how does this effect the 9700 trackpad?

    Thanks for the help, this site is great!!

    Edit: Also does anyone know where I can get these accessories for maybe a little cheaper and from a place that will ship to Canada? Thanks!!
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    11-22-09 01:14 PM
  2. MattSpartans20's Avatar
    anyone have any info on this?

    11-22-09 09:18 PM
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    Lorries etc have 24v systems so 12/24v charger will be dual purpose for the person who drives a rig and owns a car.
    11-23-09 05:53 AM
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    I tried the leather pocket on at J&R in NYC, and it was waaay too tight! I literally struggled to remove it, and thought I was going to break my screen. Obviously, I decided not to buy it.
    11-23-09 07:48 AM
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    My sister has an 8900, so I tried her sleeve on my 9700. It fits, but it's tight (it's also tight on the 8900). Comparing the phones side by side, the 9700 does seem to be about the same size as the 8900, maybe a tiny bit bigger. You could check the physical dimensions to be sure.

    I have no doubt that they are close enough in size that a lot of accessories will work, but may be a little tight.
    11-23-09 01:17 PM