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    BlackBerry 8300 Powerstation + Mini EBC, Black
    Price: US$99.99 Product description:

    Display your BlackBerry handheld and its accessories in style on your desk in the office, or at home with the BlackBerry Power Station. With it you can charge your BlackBerry handheld, BlackBerry HS-655 Bluetooth Headset, and a spare battery all at once. You can also remove the mini Extra Battery Charger at the back and take it, spare battery and any BlackBerry charger* with you while travelling for maximum convenience.Simply slide your handheld into the form-fitted cradle at the front. Your BlackBerry Bluetooth Headset fits into the circular charger right behind the device. An extra battery fits into the mini Extra Battery Charger at the rear of the BlackBerry Power Station. The BlackBerry Power Station holds your handheld firmly in place while providing full access to the keyboard and side buttons. Call home or dial into a conference call using the speakerphone functionality of your BlackBerry handheld. And, while your device charges, you can sync it with your computer wirelessly via Bluetooth (or with a BlackBerry USB cable).The BlackBerry Power Station includes a 1.6 Amp power supply to rapidly charge multiple products. *Including BlackBerry International Travel Charger, BlackBerry Folding Blade Charger, and BlackBerry Automotive Chargers.

    Simultaneously charge and display your:
    BlackBerry device
    BlackBerry Bluetooth Headset
    BlackBerry Extra Battery
    1.6 Amp power supply for rapid charging of multiple accessories
    Compatible with these models:
    BlackBerry 8300

    This item will be available on June 01, 2007.
    05-14-07 03:47 PM
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    Am reading this throught WAP. I hope there is a photo on here when I check it from a pc...

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    05-14-07 04:01 PM
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    Here it is on Shop BlackBerry

    **Also, moving to Software and Accessories forum**
    05-14-07 07:55 PM
  4. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    This looks just like the one I had for the 8100, Pearl. I bet it would work with the 8800, no?
    05-15-07 02:54 AM
  5. kasperapd's Avatar
    I doubt it would work on the 8800 since they moved the charging connectors to the side of the device.
    05-16-07 09:34 AM
  6. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    This will do the trick...
    05-16-07 10:33 AM
  7. kasperapd's Avatar
    I guess it does exist for the 8800. But as often as I change devices, it's not worth the money to me.
    05-16-07 01:14 PM
  8. L055020's Avatar
    Any suggestions on how to get the cradle to work? I tried one in a store and couldn't get my 8300 to charge in the cradle. The extra battery charger worked as well as the bluetooth. I'd probably buy one if I could figure out how to make this work...
    09-07-07 05:12 PM