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  1. rajdeep.malhi's Avatar
    I'm long time BlackBerry user/abuser and a recent BlackBerry shareholder and also an entrepreneur. Before taking any major steps, I want to do my research and ask you – the CrackBerry Community, whether or not you would be in favour of my idea.

    With the BlackBerry 10 set to be launched in Q1 of 2013, I would like to manufacture a high-quality silicone and aluminum shockproof and waterproof resistant case with no compromise to look and style. I go through many different environments, and every BlackBerry I ever had – I always managed to damage it.

    Companies like OtterBox and OverBoard only perform the function of superior protection or waterproof but never both. And let’s face it; those cases don’t look very stylish. A phone like BlackBerry 10 should be shown off, not covered and hidden. This is why I want to manufacture a case for the CrackBerry Community made of premium silicone and aluminum with a protective gorilla glass to protect the screen. (0.8mm Corning Gorilla Glass 2 - ) Along with the case, I will also be designing a professional looking holster for those who prefer a holster instead of sliding phones into their pockets.

    I will be working alongside with an engineering firm and developing the prototype very closely to ensure the case is exactly the way CrackBerry Nation would want it. I will be sure to incorporate your ideas and suggestions. I have already found the engineering firm that has agreed to assist me in the design and prototyping.

    My Plan:

    1. Invest in the design and prototype
    2. Once the prototype is complete. I will be turning to for the fundings where I will show off my prototype and anyone that would be interested in one or would like to support me, can pledge.

    However, before I make the jump. I want to ask you guys whether or not I should go ahead with this project. I will of course have to wait until the BlackBerry 10 is revealed with all the dimensions or until the phone itself is actually released.

    I'm all for this and willing to spend my time and money into this project. Its a product made by a BlackBerry user for the BlackBerry Community.

    Let me know if you support my project.
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