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    Here is my story...

    I purchased and switched to mac several months ago. A few weeks back I decided to back up my phone on my mac instead of my old PC (which I was no longer using). The software said there were new updates available so I clicked OK and voila - the new OS 6 was installed on my phone. The back up went fine and all my original files were intact after the new OS install. Note that I had no major problems with my phone prior to upgrading.

    However after the "upgrade", my phone became so slow and unresponsive that it was virtually impossible to use. Imagine your phone freezing for up to one full minute doing a simple task like receiving one text (multiple texts received would freeze the phone for several minutes at a time)... and it doing so virtually all the time. After a few weeks, I just gave up and decided to downgrade to OS 5. Because I switched to mac and read online that there is a risk of bricking my phone (with a mac), I decided to take it down to the store to have it downgraded. I performed a full back up on my mac at home before going to the store. The Sprint representatives downgraded the phone without any major issues and all my files were intact when I got my phone back. After it was complete, I asked if I could use my mac to backup the phone when I get home and they said no problem.

    So, I got home and backed up my phone. Mysteriously, some of my emails and texts disappeared after I backed up the phone. I had roughly 6,000 emails and 40,000 texts that were backed up. After the back up, the email count was down to 4,000 or so and my texts were cut in half. Then I decided to back it up once again, and when it was complete, the files were once again deleted... this time leaving me with 1,600 emails and 1,800 texts.

    I then attempted to restore the phone back to the FIRST back up I made after returning from the store (this was after the OS downgrade). That restore failed with an error stating it was cancelled. I then tried to restore it to the back up I made PRIOR to going to the store and that one also failed. After that attempt, ALL my emails and texts were gone. There was absolutely nothing left accept my contacts and memo files.

    I tried it once again with the same errors but with the same errors.

    I'm a heavy SMS user and most of it is for work... so it is critical for me to have these files available. Is there any way for me to get these files back?
    04-30-11 08:41 PM
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    The only option I can offer to you would be to do a selective restore from the back up you need the tx & emails from. Restore from that back up just the sms and emails, being you have all your other files you need on your bb and see if that works. Other than that, I don't know what else to suggest.

    If the selective restore won't work, hopefully someone using a MAC will have more knowledge of this (I use a windows7)

    Good luck, hope you find a solution.
    That sure is A LOT of tx and emails! LOL

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    04-30-11 09:06 PM
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    Break out a PC and do a restore from the time BEFORE you went to the store to have them transfer your OS back.

    I alo have a new Mac but I am not doing ANY backups or restores with it as it is just too tricky.

    There is also a Mac based forum for BBs that you should post in as well. Maybe someone there with a Mac can help you, as Pink suggested above. BBs don't play well with Macs, so I have HEARD, and I am sorry you are facing this trouble.

    On another note...is it possible for you to LEAVE those texts and emails OFF your bb as that is a lot to tax the memory? And just go back to your backups to read them or search through them for important or needed info? There are programs that can read the info saved in backups. Like ABC Amber Blackberry Converter and MagicBerry.

    Just a thought.
    05-01-11 08:15 AM