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    I asked about getting a new pocket pouch for my BB, because I was afraid the original OEM that came with the phone would hurt it based on other people's stories. One member told me about Beyza leather cases, and I looked them up and they seem like they would work for me, but I dont know if they are really any better than the original pouch I have right now.
    Has anyone used these pouches? And if so, what was your experience, and is it any better than the original OEM pouch?

    This is what I looked at: Rim Blackberry 8310 Curve SlimLINE - VSL8 Vertical Leather Case Vintage Black

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    01-04-09 04:44 AM
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    I love the SlimLine Beyza cases! As a matter of fact, I have two slimline leather cases. One in the croco tan (gorgeous) and the other in tan (beautiful). I find these cases alot more attractive and protective of my Curve. Unfortunately, with the OEM case that comes with the Curve does not have a slit cut out for the LED light nor does it have the padding. The Beyza cases have both of the aforementioned features. To remove the Curve from the Beyza case, I just push it up from the bottom of the case. I hope this information helps. I am very satisfied with my Beyza Slimline cases
    01-04-09 07:42 AM