1. Bond J's Avatar
    Is anyone using the curve pouch for Tour? Does it stick out? Can you post pictures please? THanks!
    10-15-09 11:54 AM
  2. JNSJr's Avatar
    here are some pics..i'm using a very old kodak 3.1mp camera and the lighting in here kind of sucks, so please forgive the terrible quality! this is a beyza 8900 case i just purchased 2 weeks ago.

    10-15-09 11:14 PM
  3. TheSultan's Avatar
    wow dude, time for a new camera! Thanks for sharing the pix though!
    10-15-09 11:16 PM
  4. JNSJr's Avatar
    lol yeah =/. The camera on the tour is better, this 1 has a problem with auto focus. I figured it would suffice for this bc the OP was just concerned with how much the top sticks out. If you need better pics let me know, I can post a few over the weekend when I have access to a digital camera made during this decade .
    10-15-09 11:32 PM
  5. Bond J's Avatar
    Thank you so much!

    I guess getting a 8900 case for the tour isnt a bad idea at all!!!! It pretty much does its job!

    What are you comments about the case after using it?
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    10-15-09 11:39 PM
  6. JNSJr's Avatar
    So far I really like the case. I was debating between this and the Sena case, and chose this one because of the led indicator cutout.


    When I first got it, it was a very tight fit. After a week or two of use it has loosened up; its easier to slide the phone in and out. It's tight enough though that if the phone is in the case and you turn it upside down, the phone won't budge, even if you wiggle it, shake it, or tap the bottom of the case. You WILL need two hands to take out this phone. Also, the LED cutout lines up perfectly. The sides of the case stop right before the speaker (on one side) and the headphone jack (on the other side), so you can use the headphone jack while the phone is in the case.


    The leather on the case is nice. I got this one Rim BlackBerry Curve 8900 SlimLine - VSL8 Vertical Leather Case Flo Black . It is a very nice, sturdy, textured leather. It is not really soft, plush, or malleable. It will definitely protect the phone and lcd while in the pocket, and probably against SMALL drops and shocks. The sides and bottom are rounded. It's built solidly; you won't have to worry about it coming apart at the seams after prolonged use, or the edges accidentally cutting your hand. The case does have a magnet.

    If you have any other specific questions about it, let me know. I really do like the case alot and would purchase it again. My only gripe, which is more of a personal preference would be that I wish the leather was a supple super soft/plush leather like those used in the Sena cases. This is just personal preference though.
    10-17-09 05:02 PM