12-12-08 04:47 PM
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    Btw... when using the Credit card trick I suggest wrapping a thin cloth on the edge of the credit card, you still get good pressure and its a little safer than just a hard plastic credit card. It shouldn't scratch anyway but just as a precaution I always do this. (it is the same idea as using a rubber mallet vs a sledge hammer)
    12-12-08 11:46 AM
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    I just installed the screen protector portion from BSE last night and haven't seen many reviews, so I thought I'd give some thoughts for all those considering a purchase.

    1. Orange peel big time upon install, but it has since lessened.

    2. Manufacture quality was lower than expected, or maybe I received an anomaly. There was a definite nick in the skin before I pulled it off the paper, and after installation it was a glaring bump in the skin on the screen that looked like there was a chunk of dirt under it. I was able to pull off the skin (twice, actually) and dig out the particle with tweezers, and it looks like it was an extra flake of the skin or something attached as a bump? The skin has since "healed" where I pulled out the particle, but in doing so I let two pieces of dust under that looked awful. Sooo, I had the pleasure of removing the skin (halfway) twice. I am impressed that it was resilient enough to look as new after removing, curing, and reinstalling so much.

    3. vs. Invisible Shield (IS), pretty sure they're the same material. I have had both (IS for pearl), and the IS is definitely a thicker skin but the BSE has the same tactile properties it seems. Definitely not the same feel as the original film that was on the device, and I much prefer the operation with the BSE on than the bare glass (feel and response-wise). I've noticed no degradation in touch screen performance at all.

    4. Installing with fluid. I used my leftover IS spray and squeegee. Aside from the nick and subsequent dust, installation was easy for this piece. I'm not interested in installing the rest of the skin, so I cannot comment on the ease of installation for those. I was very liberal with the spray, and when removing and reinstalling the skin to remove the contaminants I sprayed directly on the phone (from a distance of ~8-12"). There were no problems after reinserting the battery and starting up after 3-4 hours.

    Anyway, those are initial thoughts. Shipping took some time (received yesterday after ordering on first launch day), but overall it was worth it. A full shield for $7 shipped? No brainer.

    Overall, one and 1/2 thumbs up :x
    12-12-08 04:47 PM
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