1. Jester2893's Avatar
    Well my blackberry storm arrives today and I want to make sure its full protected in my pocket. So I already have 2 types of protection. One is the best skin ever. (I bought as a cheap alternative to a screen protector. I will be using the front of the best skin ever along with a regular jell skin)

    First off I am wondering about the best skin ever backing. There is no hole for the camera. Does anyone know if putting the skin right over the lens affects picture quality or anything like that?

    12-09-08 05:42 AM
  2. cray1000's Avatar
    BSE should DEF have a whole for the camera, if not its defective.
    12-09-08 05:52 AM
  3. hal1's Avatar
    It has a hole for the LENS, but not the flash. Look closely. Not sure how this would affect things.
    12-09-08 07:17 AM
  4. mully's Avatar
    Just looked at mine. Yup.....has a hole for the lens....just not for the flash. I don't see a problem.
    12-09-08 08:03 AM