1. jeffruby's Avatar
    just got this guy....love it....

    but i need a rubber like skin (had a Q...needed one on it too)...this way when i put phone on my car console (blutooth)...it doesnt slide and fall.
    Also seems its gonna fall outta my pocket every time i pick something up.

    phone 2 days old...alread small scratch on face (grrrr).

    I notice that they sell an unoffical verizon skin...and a real blackberry skin....

    both of which leave entire face and all buttons open
    prob is...it doesnt seem to sit niceley/evenly (im perfectionist...drives me nuts)....seems to easy to "fall off".

    they also sell one (ebay)...w/ a cross bar (if u will)....open for trackball...but covers the 4 buttons for start/end call/menu/backup. (this seems annoying too).

    anyone have one or both of these skins...recommend what works well.

    05-12-08 09:52 PM
  2. geoffburns's Avatar
    Otter Box is definitely the way to go...I've had mine now for about 8 weeks and am totally in love...the great thing about them besides the rubber non-slick portion though is that they make your Curve into a ******** TANK! I've dropped it so many times now, after I put the case on, and once to prove the Otter Box was the way to go, to an unbeliever, and so far, no scratches, no dings, and the dang thing just keeps on working! Also, check on google, because I was able to find a promo coupon for 15% off. Hope this helps!


    www otterbox com
    05-12-08 10:05 PM
  3. noroll's Avatar
    Verizon has a silicone skin made for the 8330 that fits very well. It does leave the screen and keys exposed but offers some protection and grip.
    I’m sure in the next few weeks you’ll have lots to choose from.

    I'm a Otterbox guy also but they didn't have one to fit the 8330 when I called last week, and no ETA.

    I checked today and it's now ready...Hope to have my BB in an Otterbox this Thursday...
    05-12-08 11:16 PM
  4. editionfws's Avatar
    Check tmobile stores. They have an awesome skin in a few colors. I have black. It fits perfect, sits perfect, its amazing. When you look at it you'll be like...that's crap...but put it on your phone and it looks so much better!

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    05-12-08 11:22 PM
  5. culater88's Avatar
    Just ordered the Otter Box, they now fit the Verizon 8330.
    05-13-08 05:53 PM
  6. treoneo's Avatar
    But is the 8330 different from the other Curves? Will the Tmobile skins line up perfectly with every hole?
    05-17-08 03:20 PM
  7. Goldswing's Avatar
    I just bought a skin for made for the T Mobile 8320 and it fits perfectly on my 8330.
    05-17-08 03:43 PM
  8. ClassaN0va's Avatar
    Verizon gave me one for 12.99
    05-17-08 05:12 PM