07-09-09 03:57 AM
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  1. mob_fos4life's Avatar
    *** hardcase from verizon. thats the only way to go and ill stand by that. with a screen protector from them as well
    12-06-08 12:11 AM
  2. noaim's Avatar
    First of all screen can be scratched even though it is glass. It just can't be scratched with metal. However, if in a pocket with something abrasive like sand, I guarantee you'll see some scratching.

    I recommend protecting your investment.

    I also wanted to make sure the protector I purchased would resist finger prints and reduce glare as well, so I picked the one from boxwave.com

    i so disagree no offense your guarantee is no guarantee at all sorry.. I had a iphone in and out of my pocket for 1.5 years with everything in my pockets including your mentioned sand... I went to the beach once and it took forever to get the sand out of everythind it was even on the sides of the phone inbetween the rubber skin of it..

    I wish I could take a picture of the screen on my iPhone it looks like the day I purchased it not a scratch not a nic nothing..

    if you drop it on concrete something might not be good with it for sure but these screen protectors wont neccessarily help that either.
    12-06-08 12:20 AM
  3. Tumaz04's Avatar
    Bunch of C0cky ba$*****!

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    12-06-08 12:58 AM
  4. profclean2000's Avatar
    what is the best screen protector for the storm? i know there are some crappy ones out there. what's the best? and where can i buy them?
    The SmartestCover. Blackberry Storm screen cover These things rock!
    07-09-09 03:57 AM
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