1. eamuscatuli's Avatar
    I had the Zagg on my curve and storm, and liked it on both, but I've read mixed reviews on the one for the tour...Whats your suggestion for un-scratchable shield for the Tour screen, I don't want the full phone protection either...
    08-18-09 01:47 AM
  2. superskaterxes's Avatar
    i have the zagg and i love it. it doesent completely cover the screen (maby 1/16" missing from top) but its enough that im not worried about it.
    08-18-09 09:59 AM
  3. fly2daskyee82's Avatar
    I currently have phantom skinz on my tour and it works great. It's nice that they include 2 screen protectors instead of just 1. It's also very easy to remove and apply it again if you mess up.
    08-18-09 11:18 AM
  4. eharty's Avatar
    I use one from Boxwave. You can't tell it is there and it resists scratches very well. I had one on a Treo for over 2 years before replacing it.
    08-18-09 11:26 AM
  5. jgreen0227's Avatar
    Do any of these show bubbles and are they easy to take off?
    08-18-09 11:29 AM
  6. eharty's Avatar
    No bubbles with Boxwave and it can be taken off, rinsed off and reinstalled.
    08-18-09 12:04 PM
  7. Wohooo1818's Avatar
    I have the invisible shield around my Tour, but i have the screen protector from Verizon store that fits perfectly..I did not use the invisible shiled screen part
    08-18-09 12:07 PM
  8. mozy's Avatar
    I have the privacy protector from VZW and it works well. I do want full body protection and think the skin case I have is ugly, so I ordered the Phantom Skin because I read great things about it.
    08-18-09 12:09 PM
  9. CrimsonAvenger's Avatar
    I have the whole invisible shield setup, i had only the VZW screen protector before and that got scratched up real quick...after a couple weeks it looked like it had a year of use.
    08-18-09 01:38 PM
  10. kjjb0204's Avatar
    I got a Seidio screen protector. Fits exactly over the lcd, doesn't darken or blur the display. Can't even tell it's on there.
    08-18-09 02:30 PM