1. Trader Z's Avatar
    I am still using the case that comes with the Bold. Its ok but i think it sticks out from my waste a bit too much and isnt that easy to get the Bold out.

    I think I woud prefer a horizontal case and after seeing a bunch online, many have mixed reviews. I like one that wont stick out, you can access the Bold pretty easily and one that has the magnets that can put it to sleep when its in the case so I can save power.

    Anyone have any experience with these side/horizontal cases?

    01-09-09 08:37 AM
  2. gangstanerd's Avatar
    I'm using a skin+clip for my Bold from Amzer, do a google search on it. Part num 8800sk
    Don't let the "8800" part fool you, its for a bold, I like it since it gives me a skin to protect the phone and a clip to hang it all from. Its also adjustable so you can rotate it to any angle to ensure comfort. If a skin osnt your thing though try a secure clip, you can get em from the store here.

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    01-09-09 09:33 AM