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    I've had my 8330 for about a week now, and so far it's just been in the nude. I really like it naked, but I want to protect her, so I think I'll be getting a case or skin pretty soon. I'm leaning towards a rubberized hard case rather than a skin, but if a skin will do the trick, I'll go for that. I don't want it to be too bulky.

    When I bought my phone, the salesman said that they had a case that was the exact pink of my Curve, so it wouldn't really change the look of my phone. However, it's $25 so if I could get it cheaper online, that would be better. I don't know the brand, just that it's Verizon. My other idea was to get a clear case, but I haven't seen any in person to see how bulky they are.

    Any Suggestions? Types, brands, links?
    05-20-09 10:34 PM
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    If you decide to go for just a skin I would suggest Zagg Invisible Shield or Best Skins Ever. They both protect your berry from scratches and add no bulk at all.

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    05-20-09 10:48 PM
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    Jennlyn1...I have the best skin ever. It does a good job protecting but the "only" dislike is at it's edges it seems to attract dirt, not bad but enough to notice. After mine gets to the point of needing replaced I'm going to go with the Seidio crystal case & holster. Seidio makes great products & I believe their holsters are 2ND to none!
    05-20-09 10:58 PM
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    05-20-09 11:08 PM