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    I've looked around on the various websites, and it's hard to tell how well a case fits and looks based on small sample photos. Generally, I hate cases because it takes an otherwise slim device and bulks it up. Putting a leather case on my old Treo was like carrying around a brick. And adding a bulky case to my new Curve would be like going back to that old (large) Treo.

    What I want is a very thin, skin tight case for the curve to help protect it from bumps and scratches. Perhaps make it a little grippier too. Any ideas for screen protectors as well, since my 5 day old Curve had a minor scratch already, and in the process of trying to "wipe" it off, made it 10x worse.

    If you have, or have seen what I'm looking for, please let me know. Thanks.
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    03-24-09 08:14 AM
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    At only 1.2mm thick, this rubberized case is designed to perfectly fit the contours and shape of your BlackBerry Curve 8330.The lightweight case has a soft touch coating and surface that not only will protect your phone from everyday wear and tear, but will allow for easy insertion and removal from your pocket or purse.
    This sleek case, made up of 2 simple snap together pieces, will mold onto your phone for a close and snug fit and is very durable making it hard to break or crack.
    Cut-outs for the speaker, antenna, headset port and keyboard are left uncovered for easy accessibility.
    NOTE: This case is compatible with the CDMA 8330 only!
    • Ultra thin design
    • Access to all OEM features
    • Uncovered keyboard for easy access
    • Lightweight
    • Soft touch coating

    Best for form factor and they hold up really well.....

    Throw a BSE screen protector on there and your all set.
    03-24-09 08:21 AM
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    Go to a VZW store or sam's to pick up the silicone case-very thin and actually makes the berry easier to hold. As for screen protection-i use the "privacy" one also from verizon-it was around 8 bucks and I like it so far.....

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    03-24-09 08:28 AM
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    I love my Body Glove case...other than the stupid rotating clip on the back...wish it was just a pressure clip like most. BUT you can remove the rotating part...but then you get a round "Nipple" for lack of a better word....BUT the case is top notch.....
    03-24-09 10:30 AM
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    If you don't like cases, you can buy the BSE (Best Skins Ever) full body kit which protects the whole phone and screen with a very thin, but tough film:

    Best Skins Ever, Inc. Home Page

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    03-24-09 02:00 PM
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    Decals are as thin as it gets, but won't give you the 'grip' you might be looking for. It's just protection from bumps & scratches. Just thought I'd add another choice.

    decalgirl dot com has amazing selections...
    03-24-09 02:11 PM
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    Aye if you want no case then the BSE is the way to go. I use the screen protector with a tire tread skin from verizon (slips on and off quick to charge in my cradle) and I love the BSE - best 5 bucks one can spend IMO
    03-24-09 02:14 PM
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    I suggest the SEIDIO BlackBerry Curve 8330 Rubberized Hard Case. It provides a tight grip and snug fit for the device. For added protection (since I tend to be clumsy) I also have the BSE (Best Skin Ever) full body kit. Both of these items are awesome from my experience.
    03-24-09 04:15 PM
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    What about the Invisible Shield? I am still waiting for my order to arrive but I heard good things about it.
    03-24-09 08:20 PM
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    The BSE screen protector and Sedio combo is great, and the clip is as tough as they come. BSE full body is an excelllent choice for total protection.

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    03-24-09 08:31 PM
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    What about the Invisible Shield? I am still waiting for my order to arrive but I heard good things about it.
    It's basically the same as BSE, but a lot more expensive.

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    03-24-09 08:37 PM
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    I hate cases and I will third the Seido rubberized. The black one looks awesome, and you will not even really notice it is on the phone, it is very thin and protects against drops (i dropped my bb this weekend, and it was fine).
    03-24-09 08:40 PM