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    Wanted to hear from the ladies if you found a BT headset you really love.

    I want to buy one for my wife, my Voyager Pro works great for me but is not very ladylike She doesn't want to walk around looking like that.

    She needs something with good noise reduction so she can be heard in noisy places (like walking in the city) and with good volume so she can hear people over noises. I think the new jawbone might be ok except I always hear quality complaints on jawbones, some are great, some fall apart. Long battery life would be a plus also.

    01-22-10 07:32 AM
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    My battery's on it's way out on my old Treo BT headset that was working fine with my Tour. So I was checking out various models on Consumer Reports which shows this check rated model (rated # 2 out of 21 headsets) from Motorola the H680 . . When I was pricing it on Amazon I realized I was looking the the Women's version. Click on the 4 little pictures on the left side below the pic of the H680. Comes with a soft case too for tossing into their pocketbook.

    It is not pictured with a plastic charging case as the others of the same model and price. You might want to call Amazon and ask if the Ladies version also comes with a clear plastic case for charging.

    Great battery life (shows it at 10.75 hours) even if it only lasts 8 hrs, still top of the models for battery life and only weighs 4 oz.

    Read the reviews on Amazon 4 stars and most users love it!

    Check it out this Ladies version: Amazon.com: Motorola H680 Bluetooth Headset (Midnight): Cell Phones & Service

    Here is the other version (no designs on it like on the Ladies model):

    Amazon.com: Motorola H680 - Headset ( over-the-ear ) - wireless - Bluetooth - black: Cell Phones & Service
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    Thanks alot, I'll look at it.

    Edit: that really looks like people are loving it. I'll see how much I can buy it for over here. Thanks again.
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    Introducing Jawbone ICON™ The World’s First Intelligent Headset: Products Page

    There called Ear Candy, I have a Blue Ant V1 in red and I have a black Motorola one headphones and I have a white Motorola one too lol Have fun!
    01-25-10 04:33 AM
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    Thanks Msv, I saw that one and it looks nice. Like I mentioned though, unfortunately I hear lots of people raving about how good and bad Jawbone is, seems like their QC is not totally worked out yet.
    01-25-10 04:59 AM