1. berryware's Avatar
    BERRYWARE has now launched a new product color! By popular demand, we have now launched the new ORANGE CRUSH housing for the BB Curve 8300, 8310, 8320 and 8330.
    As always, our housings boast the HIGHEST in OEM quality, our product speaks for itself, it simply cannot be beat!

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    05-25-09 08:41 PM
  2. xxwckdxx's Avatar
    wow beautiful i must say
    05-25-09 09:42 PM
  3. Christopher387A's Avatar
    Orange is my favorite color. I'm going to have to remember this!
    05-31-09 01:49 AM
  4. oI Platinum Io's Avatar
    Very very cool, I like the orange on black. Perfect Halloween phone.
    05-31-09 01:51 AM
  5. berryware's Avatar
    Thanks guys! Glad to hear there's some early interest... Keep checking our Berryware Home Page
    But don't worry, I'll let you all know the moment they launch!
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    05-31-09 10:04 AM
  6. Acorn's Avatar
    there is already a berryware company. can there be 2 like 2 microsofts.

    the other berrywear spelling you linked to linked to a spam site.

    thanks for that by the way
    06-02-09 10:35 PM
  7. berryware's Avatar
    My bad, there is only 1 of us, i just posted the link wrong! Sorry dude, hope that didnt cause any damage for you.
    06-03-09 05:00 PM
  8. Acorn's Avatar
    not a big deal. i was just pissy earlier because my storm died. sorry if you got the tail end of my attitude at the time.
    06-03-09 08:13 PM
  9. berryware's Avatar
    not a big deal. i was just pissy earlier because my storm died. sorry if you got the tail end of my attitude at the time.
    Lol, not a biggee, I'm the ***** who didn't post the name of my company right! Lol
    06-03-09 08:20 PM
  10. tlo07's Avatar
    I wish I wasn't too chicken Sh*t to take my phone apart...!
    06-03-09 08:43 PM
  11. berryware's Avatar
    Awww come on!! You know you wannnna!!
    All the cool kids are doing it !!!
    06-04-09 07:46 PM
  12. cadsystems's Avatar
    Pretty good deal. I will keep checking it out for when the 9530 is available. Nice that you get a set of tools to help with the process.
    06-05-09 08:43 AM
  13. Iceman's Avatar
    This is great news I have been looking for a nice orange one to put on my berry. Thanks a lot...
    06-05-09 08:46 AM
  14. berryware's Avatar
    Hey no problem Iceman, glad i could help!
    06-05-09 09:37 AM
  15. roos85's Avatar
    Go buy them off ebay. Same products and quality and less than half the price!!
    06-08-09 03:58 PM
  16. berryware's Avatar
    This is true, we are selling certain colors through ebay, same product, just lower prices, come check us out!
    06-08-09 06:40 PM
  17. 04PJ's Avatar
    You don't happen to be pimpyourberry on ebay are you?
    06-08-09 07:33 PM
  18. berryware's Avatar
    Yes, I'm pretty sure that is one of our names
    06-09-09 08:19 AM