1. RJL24's Avatar
    With the new OS, the standby key/ mute no longer takes the BB to standby.

    But when it is put into the carrying holster that comes with the device from BB it gets locked automatically, and (also?) goes into standby, presumably.

    I can live without the standby feature especially if I simply use the carry holster that comes with the BB.

    Is there a recommended low cost belt holster (not clip-on but a holster where the belt goes through one or two loops on the holster)? To wear with jeans, for example.

    A belt holster for the BB that will also have the BB go to standby or lock automatically?

    A link will be helpful as many sites sell presumably BB belt carry cases with magnetic closing top but the function I require is different (similar to the function of the BB case), and the case I am looking for will be made specifically to accommodate the BB to have it act like the holster that comes with the BB.

    Cost is important. Having the darned-est time finding one because the sites I have been going to are not clear regarding the magnetic function, which I think is related to the top closing and not the BB type magnetic function.

    Thanks in advance.
    05-11-10 10:22 AM
  2. greggebhardt's Avatar
    Just go on ebay and buy a OEM Blackberry holster. They all have the magnetic feature to work with your device.
    05-11-10 11:39 AM
  3. Elite1's Avatar
    As the last poster mentions, virtually all the holsters RIM makes for the 9700 have the "sleeper magnet."

    The only other one I know is Seidio's Spring-Lock holster. Be careful when buying. There are 2 variations: ine for use with a 9700 as is and a second only for use if you have Seidio Innocase skin case on as well.

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    05-11-10 01:22 PM
  4. Pi Guy 3.14's Avatar
    I'll sell you the one that came with mine for 15 bucks shipped.
    05-11-10 01:26 PM
  5. RJL24's Avatar
    Thanks much to you all. Will advise about offer from Pi Guy 3.14159265.
    05-11-10 04:38 PM