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    Hey all. Been using the CrackBerry forums as a resource for a year now but until today didn't have the need to make any posts. Looking for a new case for my 8310 but on my own I'm not finding one with all the features I'm looking for. Hoping some of you 83xx users may have something that you could recommend, thought response would be better here than in the accessories forum since I'm trying to zero in on this BB model. Already looked through the shop, reviews and some forum searches and not finding anything.

    Looking for a horizontal case for my 8310 to wear on my belt. Top or end entry doesn't matter. Needs to support sleep function and have either belt loop(s) or unobtrusive clip. Example, the clip of one of the units I tried (CrackBerry shop part number A3364, sorry not "crack" enough to be allowed to post a link yet) was uncomfortable but the clip on shop part number A3880 (for a Bold 9000) looks like it would be fine. (Maybe my user ID should be "muffintop," since that's why some clips are uncomfortable.) If I go with a clip I'd like to try and avoid a swivel as I think it's more likely to fail then something rigidly attached, but I won't rule them out completely. I've got a Krussel case right now that was designed for a Treo I previously had, it fits the 8310 well enough and has belt loops but lacks the sleep function.

    Anyone know of the magical product I'm looking for and can give me a lead? Thanks in advance!

    12-05-08 04:51 PM
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    Take a look here and see if anything fits your needs.

    12-05-08 05:23 PM
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    Thanks, but that was already covered in the "look through the shop" part that I mentioned. I think only the Smartphone Experts model had close to all the features I'm looking for listed. It is possible that some had them but the pictures/product description/reviews didn't indicate... I'm trying to find if I have more options before compromising on something I'm not entirely sold on.

    Trust me, the shop is where I started. In addition to the searches I previously stated that had been done, I've also searched extensively on ebay. There's got to be more options out there...

    12-05-08 05:44 PM
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    No prob buddy, I just didn't know what you meant by "the shop"

    Have you looked at this one yet: Speck | Holster-Pro Holster for BlackBerry Curve

    The good thing is you can put the phone in backwards to protect the screen
    12-05-08 05:53 PM
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    Thanks for the link, missed your quick reply. Looks like a nice unit but it also appears to have the clip mounted for vertical orientation only... without any closure above the BB I assume this is the intent. For my current body build (don't think I'm going to lose it anytime soon either...) going vertical is not an option. So far the best I've found is the Smartphone Experts model I previously mentioned and an MDX case with rotating belt clip (ASIN B0019N9RMO at Amazon). These look like nice solutions although I still have concerns with the durability of the clip's connection to the case, especially on the MDX since it has a single point to pivot on. Holding out a little longer that someone can recommend a belt loop horizontal case with sleeper function, but I suspect I'll probably wind out going with one of those two I mentioned.

    I wonder how strong and how close the sleeper magnets need to be do the BB... being a computer geek that accumulates hardware I've taken many a hard disk apart in my time. The magnets that normally work to position the disk arms are scattered on various metal bits around my house. I wonder if I would be able to just fashion something to a case that out of the box doesn't support the sleeper function?

    12-09-08 05:50 PM
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    What about using the case you currently have but glueing or sewing a magnet on the back of it to support the holster feature.


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    12-09-08 06:56 PM