1. Nyce_1's Avatar
    Does anyone have an opinion about the pocket vinyl case? I'm waiting on the shipment of my new curve and wanted to get a headstart on my accessory buying. I've already purchased the OEM leather swivel holster and was thinking about getting another case (this one or a skin). I'm a BB virgin so I don't know how I will mainly carry my device. Hip seems most likely, but I currently carry my Razr in my pocket.

    I'm a 24 yr old male who wants to look "cool" but not jeapordize the safety of my baby, lol.

    Any reviews would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, suggestions of any other "must-have" accessories are welcomed. I have car charge, leather holster, and 1GB card. Anything missing?

    I just found this website today and totally blew off everything I had to do. Been navigating for hrs and can't wait to contribute more. Thanks in advance.
    08-19-07 07:36 PM
  2. budman45's Avatar
    I have the OEM pocket case and love it... I carry my Curve around in my pocket alot on the weekends and with it in the pocket case, it doesnt get beat up by keys or anything else that may end up in with it...
    08-19-07 08:33 PM