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    I have a problem with my BB Curve 9300 his leather case
    info for the case is this: http://fr.shopblackberry.com/Product.../ACC-32917-201

    when I put the BB in cases the display will turn off when the trackpad slide in front of the logo of the case but it comes back on when drops below the trackpad if I continue to push the bottom of his cases.

    In addition, for the screen comes back when I get it out of the case you must pass the trackpad to the logo of the case very very slow to detect and act accordingly.

    is it normal that the actions of the cases did do when the trackpad is before the logo of the cases? because that would seem that I'd have to leave the BB permanently half returned to his cases to make it work: \
    ditto for the detection time, I can not wait one second near the logo to detect that I got out of his cases ...

    any experience would be much appreciated.

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