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    I'm a new BB Bold user in Thailand. I've been trying to look for a BB accessories store online, who ships to Thailand but I haven't had any luck yet.. Almost all of the online store only ships inside US/Canada/Europe or Japan....

    Can anyone here recommend me a reliable/faster shipper accessories store who ships to Thailand?

    Any help is much appreciated and Thanks in advance!
    03-13-09 01:25 PM
  2. squish101's Avatar
    Sawadeekap V-Unity. Welcome to cb forum. I'm from 5'pore. If you're to read my thread on bb accessories bulk order somewhere in this section, you'll find that savings can be made on shipping by doing bulk order. If you'd like to order bb accessories from seidioonline.com or some other sites and if you wouldn't mind me to assist you, kindly pm me with your accessories request. I'll get the supplier to ship to you directly and hopefully can save some shipping costs. Thanks.

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    03-15-09 11:41 AM
  3. R4yMoNd's Avatar
    try search from ebay.. i saw many Blackberry shop provide worldwide shipping over there
    03-16-09 02:10 PM