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    Hey everyone, I haven't posted in a while so hope everyone is well!

    I currently have the Curve 8900 and Love it, even though sometimes I have issues with the internet...but I deal with it.

    Right now I'm having a HUGE issue with the battery draining...within an hour from removing it from the wall charger and maybe sending 5-10 text messages, the battery went down to a PAINFUL 65%...I have been experiencing this battery drain for a few days and it's getting exponentially WORSE!

    I DO have a car charger but the one I have I purchased from eBay which was advertised as a Curve 8900 charger but is from Sprint. I am assuming that this is the problem for this reason:

    1] I have not added any crazy new programs and/or performed an OS upgrade for quite some time
    2] This problem happened when I tried to use my Pearl car charger for my Curve 8320...I ended up having to purchase a new battery

    Since I have a lot going on this weekend, I went ahead and purchased a new Battery and when I'm able to find a T-mobile with a dual charger (Car and Wall), I will be purchasing that one as well and throwing away the Sprint one.

    Has anyone else dealt with or experienced this similar issue? I'm currently charging my new Battery at home and only time will tell if it was in fact the battery!
    04-27-09 06:26 PM
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    I had a similar thing happen with my 8310 where the battery would just drain really, really fast. I took it to the BB store here in NYC and they said that the battery had been overcharged too much. I got a new one and now I only charge it when I'm prompted to.
    Do you charge yours overnight a lot? Do you otherwise leave it charging for extended periods of time?

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    04-27-09 06:29 PM
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    Are you closing all the apps when you are done using them, or do you push the return button (just to the right of the track ball)??? To check what apps are still running you can use the Alt + Return button, there should be only 5 apps running as part of the OS (Home Screen, Messenger, Browser, Call Log, and Messages)... all other should be closed properly.

    This will save your battery... also using the Standby button while not using it will also save your battery.

    I charge my battery on a regular basis... it should not hurt the battery... these are newer batterys, not the old ones that can be over charged.
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    04-27-09 07:26 PM
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    Yes I charge mine everynight!

    The ALT + Return button just locks my phone...
    04-27-09 07:48 PM
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    Yes I charge mine everynight!
    Which should not hurt your battery.

    The ALT + Return button just locks my phone...
    Hold down the Alt key and you should see the list of things that is running... you can then scroll left and right with the trackball and see what is running.
    04-27-09 07:51 PM