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    Fly or die?? Mmmm, not sure this is going to be a big hit for Blackberry users since a) most people have access to a PC, b) BB Desktop Manager works great to backup PIM data, c) this product only backs-up contact data. As a product for a plain cell phone, maybe.

    Not everyone diligently backups their cell phone or smartphone on a regular basis. And even those who do take protecting their data seriously, it is not always easy or convenient to do so. Enter Backup-Pala standalone peripheral now compatible with RIM's BlackBerry devices.

    The aim of Backup-Pal is to make the backup process easy by allowing you to back up and restore address book contacts (why not other PIM data?) without a computer or the installation of software. All it takes to make sure your contact info is safe, according to the Advanced Wireless Solutions (the company behind Backup-Pal ), is the push of button once your phone is attached.

    You connect the $50 peripheral, which runs on "AAA" batteries, to your mobile phone through either a Serial or USB connection. Backup-Pal can permanently store up to 4,000 contacts, even if the batteries are replaced or removed.

    In addition to BlackBerry, Backup-Pal is compatible with handsets from a number of other vendors, including Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Palm, Kyocera, Audiovox, Sanyo, and Motorola.

    Advanced Wireless Solutions will show off the new BlackBerry-friendly edition of Backup-Pal at the CTIA Wireless show in Las Vegas this week. The peripheral placed third in CTIA's Wireless Emerging Technology Awards two years ago.

    Source: PDAStreet, March 31, 2008
    PDAStreet: News: Backup BlackBerry Contacts with the Push of a Button
    04-01-08 03:04 PM
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    Where do you get all those info's?. Very helpfull, thank you.
    04-01-08 07:11 PM