1. projektio's Avatar
    Okay, so I got my new Tour a couple of weeks ago, and I want to use a cable to run audio through to my car stereo. Or any stereo for that matter.

    What type of 3.5mm cable does this thing take? The headphones that came with it have 3 rings on the connector, not the usual two on most other cables.

    I tried plugging in an audio cable with 2 rings and nothing happens. The sound continues to come out of the built-in speaker on the phone.

    Anyone had luck hooking this up with cables as opposed to going the bluetooth route?

    11-16-09 03:29 PM
  2. joeyjoejoejr05's Avatar
    regular headphone cable works. I just use the same AUX cable that I use for my iPod. Great listening to Slacker or Pandora while on the road
    11-16-09 04:03 PM
  3. jpr28056's Avatar
    I can use a USB cable with the JVC in my truck
    11-16-09 04:19 PM