05-03-09 08:27 AM
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  1. odam88's Avatar
    i just use a screen protector
    04-29-09 12:57 AM
  2. gregerator's Avatar
    Screen protector only here as well. Plenty of dings and scratches. It's a phone. I use it. Don't plan on selling it in 2 years when I upgrade to the BB90210 (j/k).

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    04-29-09 01:16 AM
  3. dragonsamus's Avatar
    I like mine better without the pouch/gel skin. I don't type as well with the gel skin. I wished I had it on the other day when I dropped it though.

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    04-29-09 01:41 AM
  4. NavinR's Avatar
    I have the full body ZAGG on my 8900.
    It's great!

    It even covers all of the CHROME BEZEL!

    I've dropped it a couple of times, and no scratches or dings thanks to the shield
    04-29-09 01:57 AM
  5. Maliberti's Avatar
    I am going naked, always have for 99.9% of my phones.
    Again, it's a phone, meant to be used and if it scratches then it does.
    04-29-09 02:08 AM
  6. K Nol's Avatar
    I just don't like any of the cases lol!

    I want to buy another pouch but in the UK they are only available for like $25 which is quite a lot considering what it is!
    Go on eBay there is a store called oem products and they have the pouches for 6. 99 and up

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    04-29-09 07:58 PM
  7. Fire-Detention's Avatar
    I made my own case and love it, you just have to be creative what ever works for you.
    04-29-09 09:25 PM
  8. helmsley76's Avatar
    Am I the only one who think that the casing which comes with the 8900 is a tad small for the phone?
    04-30-09 03:22 AM
  9. nolan.b's Avatar
    At this moment, not using any protector though will purchase one soon. I'll use the pouch when i'm travelling just to keep it intact, though won't use it when i'm settled (office/home)...find it a pain to take it in and out, too tight.
    04-30-09 03:42 AM
  10. mrsjackd's Avatar
    I used the pouch for the 1st week I got it. I then got a gel skin and have a screen protector for the screen and I'm glad I did, the week I got my skin my phone fell onto concrete and was trying to breakdance.... Lucky I had my skin or else I would have a post about why/how I need a new phone!!!

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    04-30-09 05:38 AM
  11. steveqpr's Avatar
    I've always gone commando with my phones but am tempted to get a case for the Blackberry as it's such a precious bit of kit.

    I've got a RIM cradle at home and in the Office so use them regularly - Can anyone recommend any cases that work well with them (other than the lint attracting RIM one!)?
    04-30-09 10:12 AM
  12. ipaul's Avatar
    i use it naked with BSE...i guess you really cannot say its naked :P
    04-30-09 04:42 PM
  13. CatAlex's Avatar
    I have a screen protector and I rotate between a skin and also the leather holster. I don't rock the berry naked when going out. I've creamed way too many phones that way to risk my beloved Curve.
    04-30-09 09:16 PM
  14. warwick's Avatar
    Have been through several BB's over the years, and never used any pouch, screen protector, etc. I just keep it in a pocket without any other items that could scratch it (keys, coins, etc). I do however find I need to remove & clean, or replace my trackball more often than I would like. So far BB8900 has gone 5 months without any trackball issues, but I doubt it will last a year before I need to take it apart to deal with it.
    05-01-09 12:45 AM
  15. type-v3's Avatar
    I don't have a case or any protector for that matter. I have dropped (more like whipped it) on concrete in a parking lot and pretty much destroyed the exterior. Anyways, I voided the warranty and bought new housing off of ebay and it looks brand new.
    05-01-09 02:49 AM
  16. EEB's Avatar
    I'm rocking mine naked right now but I'm thinking about a holester.

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    05-01-09 03:37 PM
  17. Alexandrak's Avatar
    I love the way the phone looks without my case on it but I already dropped it once. Never again

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    Same here! I love the way the phone looks without the case, but it just so happens the only times i never used a case is when my bb slips from my hand and falls on concrete.... i have 4 bb silicone cases and one pouch.
    05-01-09 07:45 PM
  18. Kel Smoove's Avatar
    Im Free (Track)Ballin It

    It Looks Cool Without The Case
    05-02-09 09:59 AM
  19. jvuka's Avatar
    stock holster
    thats it
    05-02-09 03:12 PM
  20. BT3's Avatar
    I just sport a BB branded plastic skin around the phone myself.

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    05-02-09 04:14 PM
  21. eekflapfire's Avatar
    My 8900 is practically naked with the exception of a screen protector. I have several cases, but I just get annoyed with them within less than 1 week.
    05-03-09 01:26 AM
  22. mothbox's Avatar
    Its only a phone. Doesn't really matter if it gets scratched. Its likely the carrier will replace it on renewal of the contract - 12, 18 or 24 months. Unless you carry coins or keys etc in the same pocket as your phone it should be relatively fine bar some minor cosmetic damage.
    05-03-09 03:55 AM
  23. CDot40's Avatar
    Gotta hoister for my 8900 on release day and cost me $15. Not ******** bout the price...but it scratched the **** outta my bezzle. NaCl to the fullest.

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    05-03-09 07:51 AM
  24. Mistah's Avatar
    just use a silicone skin with mine and drop it in my pocket. like someone else said the holster/cases are just nerdish hanging from your hip.
    05-03-09 08:27 AM
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