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    i was looking to get a holster for my Curve, and when i was in the mall today i noticed that the VZW store there had a holster for the Curve, and i was actually kinda surprised because i didn't know they carried it. i know there are good holsters available for the Curve online, but the VZW one was only $15 and it's at a local VZW store, and i was thinking of trying it out anyway considering the price. i know the main problem with things like this is that the clip usually breaks kinda quick, but i haven't seen a single review on it so i can't say that for sure yet...
    02-21-09 12:19 AM
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    I use one every day. And I love it. Infact my roomate, and two of my other buddies all use the same holster. Ne problems. I was between the VZW one and the seido one. I have two very active jobs, one being a service rep, I'm always climbing on and around equipment and in tunnels and so on, and secondly a part time deputy. So I was attracted to the mechanism on the seido one for better retention, however $30 was a little steep for me.

    After nearly 3 months with the VZW holster I've only dropped the phone one and I think I was my fault anyways. I did take a heat gun to the retention part of the holster and heat and bend it for a little more secure fit. Works great since.

    Plus the VZW one has a lifetime warranty on it! I would highly recommend it.


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    03-10-09 11:11 PM