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    Case-mate Smart 2nd Skin for BlackBerry Curve 8300 8330, Silver - BlackBerry Curve Skin Covers (BlackBerry 8300 8310 8320)

    Im very close to ordering this (as if i need more, ive alraeady got 4 cases for it) but this looks good.

    am i mistakened when it looks like it covers the keyboard even and makes it look silver? if you have this, can you post IRL pictures of it?

    09-17-09 10:40 AM
  2. briandgin's Avatar
    This post is a few days old so before I take pics I ask...are you still looking to get this?

    I bought the black version and ended up giving it to hubby. Yes it covers the keyboard. It goes all the way around the phone. It lights up thru the keyboard part so you can still see it. Not as bright as without of course. It bulks it up a little but not terribly I would say. I saw the silver one in the store along with the red and didnt care for the tones at all.

    Our only gripe is the LED cutout isnt perfect so it covers a little bit (easy to fix with an exacto knife) and the Mute/sleep button does not have a cutout. You have to push hard to use it thru the skin. Now hubby doesnt mind that as he uses the key lock. But it was a dealbreaker for me as I prefer the mute/sleep over key lock.

    Oh and although there is a cutout for the trackball, it is a little recessed which doesnt work well with his guy fingers, but Im fine with it. We like the case, good coverage is important for his phones. I stopped using it because of the mute/sleep issue and Ive found that while talking on the phone it pulls on my hair a little - the rubber grippiness of the case. Does that make sense lol?

    Overall well worth the 20 bucks online (I way overpaid at the store! 38 bucks!) If you need good full coverage over your phone and not just a clear screen cover.

    Hope this helps!
    09-27-09 06:22 PM
  3. fumbalah's Avatar
    Thanks for the review I'm sure this will help a lot of people.
    09-27-09 06:37 PM