1. LuvMyBB's Avatar
    This may belong in Accessories, but since it applies to the Bold, I thought I'd ask here.

    Anybody tried one of these? I ordered one and just got it today and wondered if anyone else had tried one and what they thought.

    05-08-09 09:51 PM
  2. drohm's Avatar
    I just ordered that same cradle on ebay. I'll let you know as soon as I get it and test it out.
    05-08-09 09:58 PM
  3. drohm's Avatar
    Since you already have it, do you not like it or something? How is it?
    05-08-09 09:59 PM
  4. godofdeath's Avatar
    wow big

    my question:
    if you sync it, it charges it anyway
    so this is like a fancy cradle rite?
    05-08-09 10:00 PM
  5. LuvMyBB's Avatar
    wow big

    my question:
    if you sync it, it charges it anyway
    so this is like a fancy cradle rite?
    Yes...it charges it while it syncs it. It's got a usb plug on the upper left side of the body of the cradle. You "plug it in" there while you set it in the cradle. It also has a charging space in the back for a second battery. It comes with an AC charger (not mini-usb) and a USB port in the back where you can use a standard mini-USB charger, either wall or computer USB. For $14, figured I'd give it a shot.

    I'm getting ready to try it now...will let you know.
    05-08-09 10:03 PM
  6. LuvMyBB's Avatar
    Well, I just did a sync with Outlook 2003 using Vista SP1 and DM 4.5. Went off without a hitch, just like I was syncing directly with the OEM USB cable. It's still connected and it's still charging now that the sync is finished.

    My first impression is it works great! It'll be nice to have it hooked up to my work computer with:
    1. Only one cable, or
    2. Without having to remove cable from charging pod and plug into BB to sync, or
    3. Using only the cable to charge and sync but having to lay it on its back all the time.

    I'll be able to have it in a nice stand where I can see everything and have it charging at the same time and sync it whenever I want.
    05-08-09 10:14 PM
  7. branden3112's Avatar
    Looks pretty nice. I personally wouldn't get on though; too big for me and a bit ugly.
    05-08-09 10:17 PM
  8. LuvMyBB's Avatar
    Yeah it's a little clunky looking, but it'll be fine for my office...not much traffic there. I'll continue to use the OEM pod at home.

    A couple of other quick observations:

    - A little tricky to line it up to get it plugged in
    - A bit tricky to get it out, too...not awful, but gotta get your technique down
    - Pretty lightweight/cheap feeling, but not surprising for $14
    - It did go into the mass storage mode and clock-on when plugged in as configured
    - Definitely more secure than the loose-feeling BB pod
    - It does have four rubber pads/feet so it won't scratch work surface

    Again, not too bad for $14.
    05-08-09 10:23 PM
  9. LuvMyBB's Avatar
    Well, after using it for a week or so, I have to say I'm fairly impressed. It charges fine, syncs fine, and holds my Bold up nice and secure for me to see. One other unexpected benefit is that I can reach down and type a short message or a few keys with one hand while its being held securely for me.

    The biggest downside so far is that it's kind of tricky to position and slide it on and off the mini-usb plug. But I'm kind of getting my technique down now. Also, it feels kind of cheap.
    05-18-09 02:56 PM
  10. laollis's Avatar
    I'd have to remove my Smart Case everytime I'd want to use it, so...I'm not getting one.
    05-18-09 03:01 PM
  11. Phantomlynx's Avatar
    I've got a simpler cradle by my bed and it allows me to use my bold as an alarm clock; it works brilliantly. Icertainly recommend them
    05-18-09 03:41 PM
  12. xamdam's Avatar
    No good if you have an Otter..
    05-18-09 05:34 PM
  13. Ryan1085's Avatar
    no docks are good if you have an otter
    09-10-09 06:56 PM
  14. Nikon1's Avatar
    I had a very similar charging / sync cradle when I had my MotoQ phone (about 2 weeks and the phone went bye-bye!) and it was tricky to line up when installing the Q into the cradle.

    With that cradle, you couldn't charge via the included power supply and sync it at the same time: I had to pick one or the other.

    This one looks interesting: I currently have the BB pod (and charger) on my desk - and a USB cable that I always plug in for syncing the Bold. Having one cable that does both is worth a look.
    09-10-09 07:03 PM
  15. Rockdog97's Avatar
    I just ordered that same cradle on ebay. I'll let you know as soon as I get it and test it out.
    do you have a link?
    09-10-09 07:17 PM