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    I have the oem silver charging cradle . you know the cool one with the blackberry logo that lights up at night time when i charge it. I was for some reason thinking that once i got this it would be cool that i could see my phone while sleeping. i will know what time it is without having to tap around for my phone half sleep. except one thing, i havent found a way to keep the backlight on enough to do that, and i havent seen anything that fancies me in the way of a digital or analog clock as a screen saver. what would be ideal is something that notices that the bb is charging and keeps the backlight on because it is on charge. any suggestions. i was told bblight but i was skeptical. especially if i have to always turn it on or off or set a specific time for it to be on. I just want to be able to....after a long night of dancing and drinking tons of water of course, put it on this charger and read the time when i randomly wake up through the night.

    oh and would it be too much to ask if it would be a free ota download since i have a mac lol. this mac thing needs to really stop. most people with macs would be of the same group of people who are of the thought that a good operating system should be intuitive and painless. some of the same ideas that bb users strive for. hmmmmm

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    Here are 2 apps that will do it, but I don't think the first one is available OTA.

    BBlight - allows you to keep the screen on for as long as you want - you can have it set to stay on only when on external power.

    SourceForge.net: Files

    And Big Clock -

    BigClock / free download
    07-10-08 05:23 AM
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    thanks for that...I did find an ota for bblight. I did a google search. and the big light is kinda cool but im ok with the bblight since i love to look at my backgrounds anyway. My newest background obessesion is to find celebrity blackberry users using their phones and make it my wallpaper lol. to make me feel like im part of the in crowd. thanks
    07-10-08 05:46 AM