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    Hitting Tahoe in a week for some snowboarding, and am thinking of a waterproof case for my 9700 (I killed an iphone 2G (death by water) last year when riding Mt Baker in WA - wet heavy pow.... long story...). I'll mostly likely bring an old phone and just swap SIMs - the safest really - but if there is a known good waterproof case, I might consider that too....
    01-24-10 02:26 PM
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    01-24-10 02:27 PM
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    How about an Otterbox? I don't have a link, but I had one for my Omnia. It was definitely drop-proof and watertight, but it still let you use the screen/keypad

    I'm not sure how it will cope with the cold though (and the hot/cold/hot transition).

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    01-24-10 05:50 PM
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    here is the link to the Otterbox

    BlackBerry Bold 9700 Defender Case // OtterBox.com

    I have had numerous Defender cases and I would not want anything else protecting my beloved berry.

    The Defender case is not waterproof but is water resistant. With temperatures I have not experienced any issues. Summer we get to 30-40 C and winter we had -23 C last month

    IMO Otterbox is by far the best and there customer service is exceptional.

    ps no I do not work for them
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    My Otterbox Defender will arrive Tuesday I think. Will do a review and install post with lots of pics, but I agree with other posters, it is not water PROOF, but I suspect this thing is HIGHLY resistant to moisture.

    They also sell a box, similar to a minature ammo box that has rubber seals, etc. Personally I think it would be good for throwing in the back of my truck, or camping etc, but may look a bit silly hanging off your belt.

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    Either that or stop falling just kiddingg
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