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    Basically what happened was my OEM charger ended up having the wires split right at the base of the charger so is therefore no longer functional. I took it to a VZW store in hopes for an exchange but no dice. Funny thing is I called CS to see if they might tell me something different. They actually told me that the store could exchange it till they called the store I was at and they told them that I had split the wires myself. I explained to the CSR that it was just normal wear and tear from having to keep a charger with me all the time since I'm constantly using my phone but she explained to me, "since its broken, that voids your warranty." I really don't understand that statement but I wasn't in the mood to argue so i said screw it. So, since I'm gonna have to drop money on a charger has anybody found one that can hold up to some punishment and not that that cheap piece of plastic that came with the phone?
    09-19-09 09:57 AM
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    you really shouldn't have taken that from them and argued if it really was wear and tear
    09-19-09 10:15 AM
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    yeah i know but iwas on my way to work so i didnt really have time for a fight. my old 8100 charger could hold up to anything and i was hoping to find one like that. i think a friend of mine that works at the vzw store is gonna hook me up though cause he said the same thing.

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    09-19-09 10:24 AM