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    Anyone using this for 9700? Any reviews? How is the screen protector with minor scratching?

    I want one!
    01-08-10 12:48 PM
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    Had a Sedio Innocase Surface II for my Tour and didn't really like it. It looks pretty similar to the 9700 version. I had a hard time pressing the lock and mute keys. I'm using the otterbox imact series and I love it. Just my 2 cents.
    01-08-10 01:55 PM
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    I had the Seidio Surface II on my 8900 and it wore thru the chrome on the bezel. (Search out my thread for pics) Before that, the Seidio Battery Cover for my 8320 fell apart and they wouldn't warranty it. No more Seidio products are "protecting" my berrys. I would have been better off not using a case at all. I'd say look elsewhere. There are so many other choices and many give lifetime warranties with great customer service. ie Incipio and Otterbox. Don't believe the hype. Just my opinion.
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    01-08-10 02:10 PM
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    I've been using an innocase 360 for about a week and a half. Was gonna post a review but hadn't quite gotten to it yet, so here it will be.

    General protection: 8 out of possible 10. Basically full coverage, just leaving the trackpad and ports uncovered. Definitely will protect well from scratches and scuffs, as well as minor drops. Only places where it loses points is that it doesn't protect the ports, so it is still vulnerable to dust. Also, I don't think it would stay together in a significant drop (don't plan to test this :-))

    Screen protector: 9 out of 10: shows whole screen and is solid. No scratches in the protector yet. It is a lint magnet so it loses a point for that.

    Keyboard protector: 9 out of 10: improves the feel of the keyboard - gives a little more "grip" to the keys which helps me. I have to qualify this by saying that I came from a pearl so I fat-finger quite a bit on full qwerty. Only loss of points here is that the black rubber is rubbing off the inner top corners of the T and Y keys where the pad of my thumb rubs when using the trackpad. A minor annoyance for me but would likely drive a perfectionist nuts. It does dim the keyboard backlight a bit as well obviously, which I only notice when typing in nearly total darkness (like when I'm in bed feeding my crackberry addiction rather than sleeping)

    Trackpad use: 7 out of 10. Case does interfere with ease of use of the trackpad somewhat. Primarily notice this when doing full page type scrolling. Remedied this to some degree by increasing t-pad sensitivity from 80 to 90 and using space bar for scrolling more frequently.

    Have not yet ordered a seidio charging dock so no input there yet. Also have not sorted out new carrying options other than my pocket - will not fit in OEM holster with the case on

    Overall: 9 out of 10 and very happy with my purchase.

    Hope that helps

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    Thanks. My 360 for 8900 made key s slippery feeling. I need to make this bigger so its easier to hold.
    Ill try it and send back if crap.
    I likes landscape typing on the s2, too bad the screen on it is a pos.

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    01-08-10 06:40 PM
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    01-08-10 08:01 PM