1. fishrule's Avatar
    I have Blackberry Curve with a Seidio 2600mh hour extended battery. This battery is great, but I can't seem to find a case that fits my phone anymore. Can anyone suggest one please if any exist.
    05-24-11 12:13 PM
  2. dangleberrys's Avatar
    seidio also makes cases, but I never found one for that battery
    why dont they make a case for it?

    I had to make a choice get the thick battery or a case
    I got the seidio active x case instead and stocked up on $4 amazon batteries and $5 external battery chargers

    here on this site they sell cheap $10 cases, I had ordered one but my seidio came in first. So im not using that one but its a super soft silicon type material, and I bet it may stretch around that battery
    but it has no belt clip if your looking for that
    05-28-11 11:28 PM