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    I purchased the Altec Lansing inMotion SoundBlade Bluetooth Portable Speaker System for $29.97 at a corporate verizon wireless store. It was a clearance price and I doubt many are left in the company but if it is something that you wanted it may be worth calling your local VZW to see if they have any left. I doubt it but worth the try.

    As far as quality... being that these where originally over $100 they obviusly outperform the $30 speaker market!!! so I guess no review is really needed being that this is an extreme bargin. But they do sound nice enough for caring in a suite case and using in a hotel room. It is extremely thin and will take up very little room in your suitecase. It is capable of playing for a long time off of several AA batteries however a AC adapter is included with the kit. The device is equiped with a Mic so it is capable of being used as a speakerphone... however this is more of an anoyance to me. Also when your phone rings it may not ring at all because it may be ringing out of the bluetooth speaker instead which in that case if you have walked into another room you may not hear it... and no its not louder than the ringer on a storm soo... but anyways I like it and its a no brainer if you can secure one for that price.

    Good Luck
    09-15-09 12:07 AM