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    I'm looking for a screen protector that will not mar the video I see off my Bold in any way. There are a few places I found locally (Toronto, Canada) that sell screen protectors but I wonder about the quality. I also wonder if I have to replace the screen protector if there will be any glue stuck to the screen.

    Finally I wanted to ask about skins/shells. I really like the leather backing on the Bold but I hear it's good to have a rubber shell to protect against scratches and accidents. It just feels kinda wrong to cover up my bold with rubber, but maybe it's better to be safe than sorry.

    Any advice?
    12-16-08 01:21 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    A relatively unknown company for screen protectors: Martin-Fields


    I have one of their screen protectors on my BB8830. It is properly CLEAR and does not use glue. Not the cheapest product out there.

    Regarding other areas that blemish. You can decide that some marring of the shell is okay as long as the product does not get damaged so it cannot be used. Others decide they want a pristine device in all aspects. The call is certainly yours.

    I've now actually got my 8830 in an Otterbox. But I hike, cross-country ski and bike (mt and road) with mine so I want it protected from the elements both in form and substance. Even in the otterbox, I keep it in a zip lock when hiking/skiing to keep out water.
    12-16-08 12:48 PM