1. JustPlainJef's Avatar
    I'm looking for a decent place to buy accessories. I have a couple of Curve 8320s that I'm going to sell, and I wanted to get a new battery cover for mine and a couple of new track balls. I've seen all of the parts cheap online, but I would prefer to get them all at a single store with a decent price and a good reputation. I don't want to spend $35 for these parts, but I also don't want to order the parts for $5 then wonder why the seller hasn't shipped them for me but was happy to take my money.

    Thanks for any recommendations!
    03-08-10 04:22 AM
  2. sfjon918's Avatar
    i would buy from crackberry store on this site if your worry about peepz not sending the items, trackballs are $9.95ea oem battery cover is $14.95ea.. u may spend alittle more but there oem good products

    8320 trackball - http://shop.crackberry.com/blackberr...medium=content

    battery covers - http://shop.crackberry.com/blackberr...medium=content
    03-08-10 04:04 PM