1. mchruss03's Avatar
    I know this phone is still fairly new so there may not be a lot of options out there but I'm looking for suggestions from anyone that uses their BB for running, what case or armband do you use?

    I thought about ordering a Otterbox for my 9930 but I felt from having the Defender series on my Storm that it...
    1) Was too bulky for my liking
    2) Would fall out of the holster fairly regularly when running even short sprints

    So does anyone have any suggestions for either generic ones or specific for the phone?

    09-09-11 02:00 AM
  2. luna9698's Avatar
    I am interested in this as well. Still haven't found anything as of yet.

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    09-10-11 03:04 PM
  3. citystars41's Avatar
    ebay has some, they claim that they are specific for the 9900 but the picture is off.
    09-11-11 04:15 AM