01-22-10 11:53 PM
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  1. pounder001's Avatar
    Here is a link to what Justind2473 is selling on ebay...

    eBay Seller: justind2473: Cell Phones PDAs items on eBay.com
    Got mine from Justin today great case!
    01-06-10 05:51 PM
  2. sfjon918's Avatar
    case mate hybrid case rocks... plus u get a screen protector
    01-06-10 06:04 PM
  3. hitmanbb88's Avatar
    I got the Seidio Innocase II.
    01-06-10 06:26 PM
  4. dwaynewilliams#WN's Avatar
    I use the leather holster that comes with the device. I like that I can keep it on my belt and not worry about dropping it or leaving it some place. The holster also preserves battery life. I don't like putting skins on my phone. When the phone is in my hand, I want out to be completely naked. That's how it should be for me. I think we pay too much for skins and cases anyway. Its best to use what had come with the phone instead of spending more money on something that does the same thing.

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    01-06-10 06:59 PM
  5. powernoodle's Avatar
    The Otterbox Defender is built so tough, it almost seems milspec. Love it. I was twice able to break the belt clip on my Curve's Defender (both times getting into a car and ripping it off) and Otterbox sent me new holsters each time.
    01-06-10 06:59 PM
  6. nm1k0's Avatar
    I have a Seidio Innocase + their holster. Any decent screen protector will do. The case is very thin and I feel like my phone is safe as to be expected. Little on the pricey side but I doubt I'll ever have to replace it.

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    I have the innocase too. Best case ever. I highly recommend it.
    01-06-10 07:19 PM
  7. falconeight's Avatar

    I went through the zagg full body and hated the feel. So I bought the case-mate barely there but it covered the speaker, the sides buttons were to hard to push, and I dropped it and the phone fell right out. The case was not that tight and it made the phone feel cheap.
    I then went to at&t and purchased the Ifrogz. I bought because I liked the one I have on my ipod touch. It made the phone to bulky, and just took away from the form and feel of the phone.
    I then took my phone to with me to actually check out how the phone fit. I ended up buying thre Incipio Feather. It came with two case and cost $30.00. What I like about it is that it adds very minimal bulk to the phone but still protects it. All buttons, speakers, and lenses are not covered. The side button slots have a little extra room so that you fingers can easily push the buttons(this makes alot of difference). In the front corners it is raised a little to add protection to the front. The feel and fit is perfect.
    01-06-10 07:26 PM
  8. surfguy17's Avatar
    is there one thats a swivel belt clip with the case? not a holster tho.
    01-06-10 07:27 PM
  9. bmartin2's Avatar
    I have both SEIDIO cases (INNOCASE and snap-on) and love them both!!! Be sure to get the charging pod too!!!

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    01-06-10 07:40 PM
  10. milhous3er's Avatar
    I use the body glove. The case is fine, I just wish it had the screen protector on it like the blackberry curve. I just cut some screen protectors from my storm and fit them to my 9700.
    01-06-10 07:58 PM
  11. cajunguy's Avatar

    I ordered two of the Epik cases from Justin.

    Placed the order this past Sunday afternoon, they were sitting in my mailbox when I got home this afternoon (Wednesday).

    Ordered two of them - total $12.50, including shipping.

    Perfect fit - nice covers - and GREAT SERVICE.

    Thanks Justin.

    01-06-10 09:38 PM
  12. me2you's Avatar
    otterbox commuter
    01-06-10 09:56 PM
  13. joeturni#CB's Avatar
    I'm using the Incipio Feather - which is just great.
    01-06-10 10:00 PM
  14. Nelimungous's Avatar
    I am using one of Justin's Epik cases and a Bodyguardz screen protector. I take the case off and on depending what I am going. I ordered a Case-Mate Hybrid the other day. Ordered because I travel allot and want some additional shock protection.
    01-06-10 10:13 PM
  15. not_sodense's Avatar
    I'm a big fan of the Epik case.
    01-06-10 10:21 PM
  16. c_86's Avatar
    personally i say the Seidio surface and lock holster
    01-07-10 07:31 AM
  17. petaf's Avatar
    So glad Case-Mate has released Signature series for this phone!! I absolutely loved this case on my 8900!
    01-07-10 08:13 AM
  18. manymoods's Avatar
    I have the 4 OEM skins plus the Epik one from Justin....i hardly if ever use the OEM skins though..the Epik is just perfect
    01-07-10 08:14 AM
  19. Mralbino's Avatar
    Epik case with BSE Screen protector... This combo is full of win. Never had a better case then the Epik, it fits like a glove and it still fits in your oem holster which i use for work. I would reccomend it to anybody, its a million times better than those crappy rubber cases.
    01-07-10 08:18 AM
  20. gr1zzly2121's Avatar
    seidio innocase, body guardz skin protection, and a seidio holster. had the blue oem silicon skin. was alright. thinking about the epik skin
    01-07-10 08:46 AM
  21. 328iGuy's Avatar
    I have the Epik Resin case and love it. I hear the otterboxes are great too
    Another BIG thumbs up for the Epik resin case, I have had mine for 3 weeks and LOVE it!!
    01-07-10 09:44 AM
  22. djfungus's Avatar
    I'm loving my OtterBox Defender case!!
    01-07-10 11:57 AM
  23. KingGrimlock's Avatar
    here's another vote for epik resin case.
    i even love the circle pattern that most have a problem with.
    01-07-10 01:43 PM
  24. Maverick.Xtreme's Avatar
    I have the Otterbox Commuter Case, but I'm literally drooling for the Vaja iVolution Top case...
    01-07-10 01:51 PM
  25. anoxia187's Avatar
    otterbox is my favourite
    01-07-10 02:00 PM
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