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    For those of you needing and effective clip on flashlight,
    I have put together a pretty effective system.

    I'm using the 9650, Otterbox Defender and Video Flashlight.

    The light for Video Flashlight is toggled on and off with the Space bar. Therefore if you load Video Flashlight and place your 9650 UPSIDE DOWN in the Otterbox belt clip, the space bar is just accessible above the inside edge of the belt clip, AND the light is unobstructed by the outter portion of the belt clip frame.

    The reason for placing the phone upside down is to keep the magnet from putting the to sleep. Also, if the phone is placed the belt clip right side up, one cannot gain access to the space bar.

    So . . .
    - Video Flashlight loaded.
    - Phone upside down in clip.
    - Clip on belt/front of jack etc.

    Now reach your thumb down the press the space bar to turn the light off and on. You will just be able to access it if your thumbs are normal size.

    Hope this wasn't too cryptic. Post if it was and I'll supply a pic.

    02-01-11 07:48 PM