1. mding4gold's Avatar
    I work on the road (paramedic). Our uniform requires a 2 inch wide belt. All of the cases (with the BlackBerry magnet) I have found have the swivel clip & don't secure to a belt that wide. Does anyone have any solutions? I would like to find a case I have to loop my belt through.
    Thanx in advance!!!
    04-02-08 01:11 PM
  2. trucky's Avatar
    I often wear a 2" belt and my factory case just barely fits... in fact it almost locks on the belt so that it's very hard to get off, frustrating but also very helpful. Maybe my belt is a bit more worn or pliable than yours. You might be able to whittle down a small spot where it fits.
    04-02-08 01:32 PM
  3. CrackBlack's Avatar
    The only solution I can think of at the moment, would be to pare off a small part of the belt where your BB would be sitting to accommodate the clip
    04-02-08 02:59 PM
  4. TheAznBradPitt's Avatar
    find a leather pouch like the ones from tmobile and make 2 slits on the back for your belt to go through but dont forget to stitch the end of the cuts so it wont widen. haha i hope this makes sense. custom fab pouch haha
    04-03-08 01:57 AM