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    Okay, about 2 1/2 months ago I upgraded my phone and my wife's phone to the 8530 Curve. I decided to go ahead get the full body Invisible Shield protection on both phones. We like the way they look and didn't want to use a case this time. Well recently the top corners for both of our phone are starting to rise or pull back. The guy that put our shields on is one of the best in the area I live. People drive up to 3 hours to come have their shields for whatever device put on by him. Well when I had them put on, he did mention that Zagg should redo the shield layout for the 8530/8520 Curve because some parts will rise with minimal rough use after a short period of time. My wife carries her Curve in a side pocket in her purse and mine is always in my right pocket alone with nothing else in it. The issue at hand I believe is the top corners of the shield for the phone should come down along the side more. They stop at the curve part. Do any other 8530 user have this issue? I'm gonna use the warranty and have new shields mailed out and buy some light weight rubber cases to put on our phones. I think Zagg should revamp the Invisible Shield for the curve.
    05-13-10 10:15 AM