10-09-09 11:15 PM
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  1. DAnderson91's Avatar
    I had to tell nextel that nothing helped even turning down the volume and they sent me a replacement and now I have no echo at 75% but a little bit at 100%. I'm happy with it though!!! Throw it back. (Cubs CHant)
    02-26-09 08:18 PM
  2. GOLRNTD's Avatar
    The echo problem 'band-aid' solution with the plug in ear piece attachment or the Bluetooth/Jawbone wireless earpiece.
    02-27-09 05:55 PM
  3. djbberry's Avatar
    Hi im new here and i got that issue too of echo but of course only in calls but my bro tells me that using the headphones will fix that issue but i would like it with out them is there any update i should get?
    02-27-09 06:51 PM
  4. fubar2c's Avatar
    I have the outterbox case and yes I had the echo, The rubber plug that goes over the USB/Charger and earphone area is causing it.I cut mine off and no echo, cover that whole area with you thumb also causes the echo. Try it and you will see.
    02-28-09 12:52 PM
  5. SmokinSam's Avatar
    I got the case the same time as my 8350i (3 weeks ago) and have the echo on the other end with or w/o the case. Sprint is supposed to have a new software update out in March to fix 'that' echo problem. I don't have any other issues as far as 'echo' with the otter box. Spkr phone is fine at both ends, as well as earpiece. Also, I always have my volume at max. Case is 'stock' w/ no extra holes, or other mods. Hope this helps
    02-28-09 01:39 PM
  6. blksheep70's Avatar
    does anyone know when the software patch comming out? i heard it was due out next week possibly. i do not have a case, but the person i talk to gets a really bad echo on there end when they speak.
    03-01-09 12:05 AM
  7. dennissaysthis's Avatar
    does anyone have a picture of the whole they drilled i just took my phone out of the case and it works fine. I want to drill the holes
    03-13-09 11:14 AM
  8. Mike_Luchia's Avatar
    does anyone have a picture of the whole they drilled i just took my phone out of the case and it works fine. I want to drill the holes
    Hope this works ok.

    03-13-09 11:29 AM
  9. dennissaysthis's Avatar
    OK i did this and it did not work i put the case on my friends phone and echo to i carved a huge rectangle. Take the case off and no echo. I guess not case is the answer i ahve insurance on my phone anyway. all i have to do is go and complain how the phone blacks out and they give me a new one.
    03-13-09 04:20 PM
  10. donkeystroke's Avatar
    I purchased the Otterbox the same day I purchased my 8350i. Everyone told me about the echo. My cheap fix........I always use my headset that came with the 8350i.........
    03-13-09 05:40 PM
  11. smittyj77's Avatar
    I definetly still have an echo with my Otterbox on, with it off it works fine.
    03-14-09 07:17 AM
  12. johnelaw's Avatar
    Hope this works ok.

    How did you get a yellow case. It's my understanding that's not for the 8350i, only the other Curve models.
    03-14-09 07:59 AM
  13. shooter45's Avatar
    OK,I am a total newb here, so this may be admitting my ignorance, but would a decent bluetooth headset solve this problem? Or is that what you are already discussing...all I received with my 8350i is "ear buds"
    03-14-09 09:19 AM
  14. palms1024's Avatar
    I also have an echo problem with the Otterbox for my curve. Otterbox told me that the problem occurs because my microphone isn't lined up in the case correctly. I should remove phone from the case, let it rest a few minutes, and then replace it. Sounded crazy ... and it was. There's still an echo. Don't buy the Otterbox case!!!
    I have the otterbox for my curve. I not having a problem with it. Did you try and send it back and get another one? It may be defective.
    03-15-09 08:26 AM
  15. OttomanEmpire's Avatar
    I removed the two protective shields over the speaker portion of the case (front & top) and got rid of the echo, now the sound is clear to travel outside of the case instead of being trapped inside. If you do not want to totally remove these you might try drilling or poking some small hole in them to let the sound travel.
    10-04-09 03:29 PM
  16. rand2527's Avatar
    I removed the protection flap for the charging port and stopped the echo
    10-09-09 11:15 PM
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